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iPad 2 & British Airways: Tablet PCs rolled out across all flights

It seems the iPad’s use is stretching far beyond that of a handy device for web browsing and playing big-screen Angry Birds, as British Airways becomes the latest company to reap the tablet’s benefits.

After a three-month trial period involving 100 senior crew members, as reported on pluggedin recently, the airline has decided to roll out the iPad 2 across its entire long and short haul fleet.

The tablet has specially designed software and apps that will allow 2000 senior crew members to access data on customers’ preferences and travel arrangements.

Once passengers have boarded a flight, all the cabin crew have to do is refresh the iPad’s screen to get access to a list of all passengers on board.

Wealth of information

It certainly beats the long paper lists traditionally handed to staff just before take-off. And crew members will also have access to other information, including timetables, safety manuals, and even destination guides – providing up-to-date local information about the cities BA flies to.

“The iPad is already allowing us to offer a more personalised onboard service, but the possibilities for future development are endless,” said Bill Francis, head of in-flight customer experience at British Airways.

iPad Technology and Academic Use

Students at Oklahoma State University were also given the chance to explore the iPad’s capabilities, when a study was carried out to test the tablet’s academic qualities.

“We put this powerful and creative tool in the hands of faculty and students and the end result reached beyond enhancing the academic experience of our students,” said OSU President Burns Hargis.
“The report outlines a possible decrease to student and administrative expenses, increased productivity, and how the iPad crosses between the personal and the academic.”

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