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Introducing the MediaNavi home entertainment controller

The rise of tablet computers means more and more people have a powerful, easy to use computer sitting on their coffee table. Greg Gudorf from Technicolor showed me how they plan to make the most of it.

MediaNavi is a software solution designed to bring high-end smart TV features like personalised suggestions, related content, and social media to any set-top box. Because the tablet is doing the hard work, most service providers will be able to support it with only a minor software update to their existing systems.

The interface I saw was clean, smooth and easy to navigate. Technicolor designed the system to work on a wide range of tablets, but I saw it on iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, and there’s even a smart phone version in the works.

Apparently TalkTalk will begin trialling MediaNavi in the spring, so let’s see how the service providers take to it.