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Introducing the HP TouchPad with webOS

The HP TouchPad brings webOS to the tablet market, enlarging the HP webOS world as it launches on the most revolutionary and popular new device of its kind.

This new TouchPad, to be on shop shelves in the summer, comes with a 9.7 inch diagonal multitouch screen, a virtual keyboard and access to thousands of webOS applications.

Mobile productivity is the aim, and entertainment on the go is the game, as TouchPad is one of the HP products announced to introduce a unified experience for the first time across a variety of devices.

TouchPad can be used on its own or as a digital companion to a webOS phone so you need never miss an important call or text, as you can answer it on your TouchPad should you be in the middle of watching a film for example, or writing an important email.

To share information from one device to the other on webOS systems, the TouchPad user only needs to touch the two devices to share web URLs – pretty cool if I do say so myself!

“Today we’re embarking on a new era of webOS with the goal of linking a wide family of HP products through the best mobile experience available,” commented Jon Rubinstein, HP spokesman.

“The flexibility of the webOS platform makes it ideal for creating a range of innovative devices that work together to keep you better connected to your world.”

To automatically populate your TouchPad with contacts, calendar appointments and email addresses, the user is only required to sign in to the relevant media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn, and these details will be remembered.

TouchPad for Work

Unlike other tablets, the webOS multitasking capabilities aims to help the user run multiple applications at the same time in an easy to use format.

Instead of having a sea of application icons littering the screen, and numerous home screens open, webOS work like a card stack.

A webOS communication suite powered by HP Synergy also enables the user to stay connected and creative with richer visuals, and simple navigation and control.