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Induction technology imagine a hob that cooks faster than gas

  Induction technology


Imagine a hob that boils quicker than any other heat source, using the latest innovation.

Induction hobs are the latest technology, to directly heat the base of the pan, giving precision and controllability, whether you are melting chocolate or boiling pasta.

Induction lose very little heat around the pan, as the technology only ever heats the pan, unlike gas, which can lose up to 40% of energy.



Induction has all the benefits of easy to clean ceramic, together with the fastest, most responsive cooking, whether you are cooking pasta or melting chocolate.

Induction works by creating a magnetic field between the hob and the saucepan. This means that the pan heats directly, so there is no energy loss generated around the pan.

Zanussi Cooking

  Touch control


Welcome to the cutting edge of hob technology; many of Zanussi’s hobs now feature electronic touch controls with digital displays which not only make the operation easier but will offer you a larger choice of power levels, giving you total control.

Zanussi Cooking



When time is of the essence, individual hob timers can be set so you know exactly when your food is cooked and dinner will be ready.

Zanussi Cooking



We understand the importance of safety within the kitchen which is why our models have a residual heat warning when the hob is still hot.

Some models also have a safety lock to prevent settings being changed.

Zanussi Cooking

  Front controls


Great for left or right-handed cook’s, front controls ensure great flexibility and are easy to use.

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