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Induction Hobs – The Hobs That Only Get Hot When You Are Actually Cooking!

Have you heard of an induction hob? Maybe you’ve seen one, but you didn’t know what it was. Basically, it looks like an ordinary electric black ceramic hob. But it’s different, and induction cooking is far from ordinary!

The real beauty of induction is that it heats the pan, not the hob itself. Induction hobs works by creating an electromagnetic field to cook, only when a pan is present – and this makes them incredibly energy-efficient. In fact, less than 10 percent of the energy used is lost to the surrounding atmosphere, which is 3 or 4 times less than with gas cooking.

Induction cooking is also fast. With an induction hob, you can boil 2 litres of water in just 5 minutes*!

What’s more, induction cooking is incredibly safe. Since it only works when a pan is on one of the induction zones, and it is only the zones that get hot – not the area surrounding the zones – there are fewer worries about accidentally burning yourself. Induction hobs are perfect for families with young children.

Whirlpool Induction Hob - ACM 707 BA

As well as saving time and energy, induction hobs dramatically cut down on cleaning. Because they are made up of one large flat surface, they are easy to wipe down. And because only the induction zones get hot, not the surrounding area, in the event of pans boiling over or spillages, there is less likelihood of whatever you are cooking sticking to the hob.

We think you’ll agree, with all these benefits, induction hobs are the future. Here at Whirlpool, we know induction technology inside and out, because we make our own inductors in-house. A Whirlpool induction hob not only gives you all the benefits above, but it is also an elegant continuation of your worktop and an eye-catching enhancement to your kitchen.

No need to change your pots and pans

Induction cooking normally needs a special set of pots and pans with a ferromagnetic base. You can easily check whether your pots and pans will work with an induction hob by simply placing a magnet on the bottom of them – if it sticks, you’re ok!

Whirlpool Induction Disc

At Whirlpool, we know that investing in a new set of pots and pans is not always what you want to do. We know about cooking, and we know that great cooks become really attached to their favourite pots and pans.

That’s why we came up with induction discs – that come in different sizes – which you can stick on your usual pots and pans. Stick one on the bottom and your favourite copper saucepan is ready to use with your induction hob!

Whirlpool 6TH SENSE Induction

Whirlpool also has induction hobs with our unique 6TH SENSE technology, which really takes induction cooking to the next level. In essence, what 6TH SENSE does is continually monitor what is happening within your machine, adapts how the machine works as a result, and controls how the machine operates. 6TH SENSE is designed to save you energy, time and money.

Whirlpool Induction Hob - Lifestyle Shot

In an induction hob, 6TH SENSE monitors the temperature of the pan and adjusts the power level to reach boiling point rapidly. The hob beeps to let you know when the water has boiled, and power is automatically reduced to maintain
boiling point, thereby optimising energy consumption. You could even match your induction hob with a Whirlpool 6TH
SENSE oven
, and really make some savings.

The Whirlpool 6TH SENSE induction hob range also features an extremely powerful 5000 Watt booster. This means the hob can reach maximum temperature around 30 percent faster**, boiling 2.5 litres of water in just 4 minutes. And
with the added control and efficiency of 6TH SENSE technology, the hob offers further energy savings of up to 20 percent***.

This technology is featured on the Whirlpool ACM 750 BA induction hob.

Why not give an induction hob a try? We believe you won’t regret it.

*compared to as much as 10 minutes with a vitroceramic or gas hob

**compared to an equivalent cooking area with a standard 3700 Watt booster

*** compared to booster function of a Whirlpool standard induction hob