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Induction Cooking Rocks!

Would you like an electric hob to cook as fast as gas? If yes induction hobs are your answer and they actually cook faster and more efficiently than a standard gas hob.

There is an increasing amount of buzz around induction cooking so this article will take you through why they are so great and what you may need to consider when choosing your appliance…

The benefits of induction

Induction has the same benefits of easy to clean ceramic, but provides:

  1. Fast heat, so you no longer need to wait for the kettle to boil. A pint of water comes to the boil in 1:30 seconds.
  2. Energy efficiency which is good news for your pocket and the environment as well as being ideal for family safety as only the pan heats up.
  3. Easy cleaning, as the hob remains cool to wipe away spillages and food doesn’t burn on.
  4. Incredible responsive cooking and the ability to cook at low temperatures, which allow you to melt chocolate in a saucepan.

Induction cooking uses a magnetic field to generate heat instantly, which is activated only by the presence of the pan. Only the base of the pan heats up, so you only use the exact amount of energy you need. This also means spills don’t burn on to the surface which makes cleaning a breeze. Magic!

Will I need to buy a new pan set for induction hobs?

Well the majority of pan sets will work with induction hobs – they need to be ferromagnetic. To know if your pan set will work test by using a fridge magnet, if it sticks to the base of the pan it will work with an induction hob.

What to consider when buying an induction hob

The majority of models will have a child safety lock to prevent settings being changed but it’s worth doubling checking the model you are looking at. Some models also offer different hob sizes to allow for more flexibility and different shaped pans. This is perfect if you use things like a fish kettle.

There are now also models available which you can plug into a 13 amp socket so you can get cooking straight away rather than having to wait for it to be hardwired.

Hopefully now you’re fully up to speed on induction cooking!