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In The Mix


Rating: ★★★★☆

The Kenwood Chef (KM336) is a stand mixer, it has 3 attachment ports for various attachments that require high,medium or slow speeds.

I remember my mum having the predecessor of this mixer and using it more or less every time she was in the kitchen. So it was an easy addition to our wedding list. I was quite excited when we got it and put it to use almost immediately.

The Mixer comes with a large (4.6l) mixing bowl, 3 mxing paddles, a “K” mixer, used for mixing of cakes and sauces.a dough hook and a whisk. It also comes with a blender jug and blades. Other attachments (sold seperately) include a slicer, a mincer/sausage stuffer, a mill (for grinding seed/spices)

The blender is functional and makes a smoothie as well as any purpose built smoothie maker, however it is a little tricky to assemble and fit to the mixer.

The mixer attachments and mixing bowl are good and get the job done, the planetary gearhead ensures that the mixing attachment picks up all of the ingredients from the edge of the mixing bowl.
The dough hook is especially useful if you like making your own breads or pizzas, howver the dough does have a tendancy to gather on the hook and just end up spinning around instead of being kneaded, so a little help with a spatchelor is sometimes required to shift the dough off the hook.
The whisk isn’t great and take quite a bit longer than an electric whisk with two blades, however as you don’t have to stand over the mixer while something is being whisked it’s not too bad.

The mincing attachment works well but has a tendancy to clog up, this is also true of the sausage stuffer. For small batches it is fine and you can mince whatever cuts of meat you like (so you’re not left with the low quality bits that you can often find in store bought mince). However if you are keen to make your own sausages it might be worthwhile investing in a purpose built stuffer.

The slicing attachment is very useful if you are making a big batch of something as you just pop whatever you want sliced in the top and it falls out of the bottom sliced.

The biggest problem with the mixer is that the majority of the attachments are not dishwasher safe which does mean that you do have to spend a lot of time on the clean up after, the compounded by the fact that the some of the attachments are an odd shape. You do have to way up the time taken for cleaning against the time saved by using the mixer. In this day and age I think it’s a pretty big oversight of the manufacturer.
Another con is the overall price of the mixer, although by itself it doesn’t seem too expensive once you add in all the attachments to price soon adds up.

In general though this is a great product, the variety of attachments does mean that you can do pretty much anything, and for someone who enjoys spending time in the kitchen is an invaluable item, and jusging by the fact that my mum still uses hers I imagine it will last until we have kids of our own.


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  • Not Dishwasher Safe
  • Expensive attachments


A robust and useful kitchen appliance that can take the place of many smaller appliances.

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