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Ice Cream Sandwich and Apple: ‘Foods’ Samsung Loves and Hates

From Ice Cream Sandwiches to Apples, Galaxy to fish, we reveal the technology foods global tech giant Samsung love and hate.

Global tech giant Samsung is behind some of the best new consumer technology. Whether you are looking for an ecological washing machine, a tablet or one of a host of great smartphones, Samsung can deliver. But if Samsung was a person, have you ever wondered what food the company would like.

Below we take a look at three foods Samsung would love, and two that Samsung would undoubtedly hate. All puns intended.

Samsung Likes ‘Seoul’

Samsung is one of the dominant forces in the technology world and their global HQ is at the appropriately named Samsung Town in Seoul, South Korea. We make no excuse for the fish related pun, but you may be surprised to learn that Samsung Town is twinned with Disneyland Paris and Sony World in Tokyo, Japan.

Samsung Likes Ice Cream Sandwiches

Ice Cream Sandwich is a mobile Android OS that works on both phones and tablets. Ice Cream Sandwich features new fonts that are optimized for HD displays and hardware buttons have been removed in favour of adaptable software buttons. Apple hate it. Samsung love it. Samsung have increasingly teamed up with the search giant Google in a mutually beneficial deal to develop new and exciting technology for consumers. Central to this has been the launch of the Samsung Chromebook and the launch this week of the Samsung Google Nexus.

Samsung Likes Galaxy

Okay, we admit it, a tenuous link to the chocolate bar, (though they may be partial to a couple of bars in Samsung Town every now and again, who knows?), but anything with the word Galaxy in tends to do well for Samsung. For example, the Galaxy S II has sold more than 10 million was T3’s best smartphone of the year. The Samsung Galaxy S and Samsung Galaxy S II have sold more than 30 million units since launch in 2010. They are expecting similar success with the launch of the Galaxy Note in November.

…And Two Foods Samsung Dislike

Samsung and Apple

The tech giants Samsung and Apple are continually at logger-heads when it comes to infringement of intellectual property. Samsung have looked to have the iPhone 4S banned across Asia and Australia recently: the two companies have been involved in a legal dispute over smartphone and tablet designs since April when Apple sued Samsung for allegedly copying iPhone and iPad models.

Samsung and BlackBerry

Although they appear (on the surface at least) to get on with BlackBerry a little bit better than they do with Apple, we suspect with plenty of rival products on the market, such as the PlayBook vs the Galaxy Tab and the Samsung Galaxy Note vs the BlackBerry Curve 8520, we suspect that black berries are seldom on the menu at Samsung Town.