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I have 152 books in my handbag

Sony PRS-300

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

I bought myself this little e-reader about 8 months ago and I won’t go anywhere without it now. Instead of stuffing the latest paperback in my handbag, I slip in my Sony e-reader in it’s protective cover. I know mine is an older version, but the new ones look at least as good!

I was surprised to learn that I had 152 books on my e-reader, I could never carry that many books around normally, but I have manuals on there, I have fictional books, I have inspirational poetry, and lots more besides. It makes reading so easy, in the bright sunshine or inside, that I no longer know how I lived without it. I never have to worry about loosing a bookmarking either, all you do is press a button and it remembers what page you are on, and it is very easy on the eye. It is just like reading a book, so much so that, when I have been totally engrossed in a book, I have been known to try to turn the page the “old ” way.

Another point to make is that I have never paid for an e-book. I am a member of four different e-libraries, and there is a number of sites on the web where you can download free e-books, all you have to do is google for them!

I chose this over the Kindle because all I wanted was a way to read books. I do not normally scribble on pages of my books, if I want to listen to music or audio books I can use my MP3 player. I do not need a built-in dictionary, or any other bells and whistles. If I want to load on another book I connect it to my laptop, I do not need 3G or wireless on it, I personally think the more tech you have on an item the more likely it is to go wrong. To me simplicity is the key, and this is a wonderfully simple, easy to use, e-reader. I can’t remember the last time I charged it, it seems to keep going forever.

I did treat myself to a cover with a light on it, this serves as protection for my e-reader (it needs it in my handbag, believe me!) and is useful at night when I read in bed.


  • Ease/speed of page turn
  • Battery life
  • Simplicity


  • Makes it too easy to sit reading all day!


I would highly recommend a Sony E-reader to anyone, it may not have the publicity that the Kindle has, but it has greater simplicity and ease of use in my opinion.

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