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HTC Desire – Very desirable

HTC Desire

Rating: ★★★★★

After spending a dreaded 18 months tied into I-Apple everything, well everything else was going to be a whole lot better!

At exactly the last day of the 18 month contract i went round to CarPhone Warehouse and asked about alternatives to the i-phone. My contract had expired just as i drone 4 had come out, and a lot of the sales teams in various franchised dealerships were trying to steer me towards that. However being strong minded and not just bowing down to peer and must have i something pressure i asked about the HTC range.

Picking up the HTC desire it actually feels like it has a purpose and is solid and well constructed, the screen is 4 inches big (diagonally) and it is a good clear screen. With 4 buttons and a track pad each button has infinitely hundreds more functions than just forward back, delete etc. Slightly raised they give you a positive feeling when pressed, and even with a rubber case fitted they are still positive.

Setting up the phone is easy (you dont need to plug into any big conglomerate to adjust things) its all done on the phone. You can change the ringtone to one of your own mp3′s or have any sound that you can put onto the supplied 4gb memory card (can be expanded upto 32gb) so you are not stuck with 8gb,16gb or 32gb like apple and pay thru the nose to have 32gb.

Okay so its not as plentiful on the Apps (applications) front like apple, but if you take a good look at some of the offerings from Apple most of them seem to be dross and any of the good ones you pay for the luxury. on Android market there is loads of good apps and if you do need a fancy app that reads your strange file format you can 9/10 get a free version app!

the desire is good on battery life too, okay if you are on the internet and playing one of the many online games and bluetoothed into a car say, you will drain the battery in a day.

a better phone and although i have not explained in depth all of the features it beats the i drone hands down every time!


  • battery life
  • functionality
  • applications more and free in most cases
  • Android o/s


  • less people make apps for this than apple


A very good product, with great functionality and easy to set up, its that good my father has bought one and he’s an old fogey techno phobe!