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HP to Merge Printer and PC Divisions

As part of a major re-structure, HP have confirmed that they are planning to merge their struggling printer and PC divisions.

HP claim that the merging of these 2 divisions will increase “innovation across personal computing and printing”. What it actually seems like is a last attempt to breath some life back into 2 areas of decline and also save a few pennies along the way.

Despite having the world’s largest PC division, sales and revenue have declined in recent years which fueled recent reports that the company would sell.

This obviously isn’t the case though as HP still see a future for the PC. A future that runs hand-in-hand with the printer apparently.

The idea is that merging the 2 areas will mean it will be easier for the company to sell PC’s and printers to the same people (consumers and businesses). It also means that the company can be more streamline and cost effective in the way it does business.

Woeful WebOS

2012 has already been tough for HP with the company vowing they will make an “open source success story” out of it’s woeful WebOS acquisition (acquired back in 2010).

The operating system cost HP $1.2 billion and was the backbone of the disastrous HP Touchpad which simply could not keep pace with the likes of Apple’s iPad or Samsung’s Galaxy Tab.

Indecision at the top of the chain is said to be one of the reasons for HP’s poor results of late so they’ll be hoping this joining of divisions will help steer the company in the right direction once more.