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How To use internet radio stations

Are you the sort of person who gets bored listening to the same old radio stations? A real music aficionado who believes even DAB doesn’t have enough channels?

Well, then the unlimited possibilities of INTERNET RADIO are definitely designed for you to tune into.

Currently, there are more than a whopping 16,000 stations to choose from, based all around the world and covering every genre of music imaginable.

And you don’t need to be sitting at your PC or Mac to tune in either.

There are smartphone apps and home stereo systems all at your disposal making sure you can get internet radio wherever there is a Wi-Fi internet connection.

They do however, say that too much choice can be a bad thing. So read my guide below to help you get started and find the best web radio has to offer.


The first thing to do on your digital radio journey is to decide which of the thousands of stations on offer you may want to tune into.

That’s where the aptly named website comes in.

There are reviews, blog posts and even a ‘random station of the day’ feature to help you discover new music.

Most useful is the ‘radio by genres’ menu, which if nothing else provides useless facts like showing there are 23 stations dedicated to polka music, 14 for black metal and a whopping 345
playing the blues.


Now you roughly know the stations you may want to listen to, it’s time to start rocking, or skanking, or polka-ing, or whatever your dance of choice may be.

By far the best app to do this through is called TUNEIN RADIO, which is available on all smartphone devices including those on the Apple iOS, Blackberry, Android, Palm and Windows platforms.

There are lots of advantages to using tunein radio, not least the fact it takes in every country’s regular AM and FM stations too, stretching the choice on offer to 30,000.

There is also the ability to log in – ensuring your favourites and preferences work across all of your devices – and a search to find stations currently playing your favourite artist or song.

But remember, streaming radio via your mobile phone when not using Wi-Fi, will eat into the amount of data your network operator includes in your monthly contract price. Be aware of your limits to ensure you don’t run up a big data bill.


Many people prefer to listen to the radio through, you know, an actual radio, rather than a computer or phone. Funny that!

Luckily there are plenty of devices designed for the lounge or your bedside that will do just that. Many double as DAB radios and iPhone/iPod docks as well.

They start in price at under £150, although the very best of the bunch is the PURE AVANTI FLOW which retails for around £285.

Pumping out top hi-fi quality audio, the sleek black system plays song from FM, DAB and internet radio, your iPod or MP3 player and even streams music from your computer.

If you’re on a tighter budget, or prefer a traditional kitchen radio design, without all the fancy extras, the PURE EVOKE can also be bought from Comet.


Of course, even with all the internet radio stations in the world, nothing beats creating your own.

Luckily there are plenty of websites that help you do that too.

The most popular are SPOTIFY, which allows you to create playlists from a library featuring millions of
songs. You can then share the link to your list with other users so they can log on and listen.

And LAST.FM is a site and app that builds personal radio stations and recommendations based on the songs you listen to every day. You can find recommendations via friends, family and strangers across the globe.

Both are well worth checking out and ensure that with so much music, so many stations and plenty of different ways from cheap to expensive to enjoy it all on, you will soon be internet radio ga-ga!