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How to Update your iMac, MacBook or Mac Pro to OS X Lion

The latest Apple Mac operating system, OS X Lion, features over two hundred and fifty improvements over the previous version and it’s been designed to make using a computer as easy as possible for everyone.

It’s even borrowed a load of features directly from the massively successful iPhone and iPad to make people used to those gadgets feel at home. And Apple has gone out of its way to
make it easier than ever to upgrade.

Installing OS X Lion

First off there’s the price, which Apple have dropped to a little over twenty pounds (you might even qualify for a free copy if you bought your Mac after the fifth of July).

Secondly, Apple has completely removed the need to go out and buy install discs, you just download the update from their Mac App Store.

To upgrade, you need a reasonably new Mac. My one’s about four years old and it’s just powerful enough to run the new OS. Check out the Apple website for a full list of requirements. You also need to be running the latest updates to the previous operating system, Snow Leopard. I’d also recommend you get a good sized external hard drive.

Assuming you’ve got everything you need, you could just dive in to the app store and start downloading, but I’m the nervous type and I don’t want to even think about the possibility of something going wrong and loosing all the files on my computer. I’m going to back up my computer first.

Back up your Mac

There’s loads of good back up software online, and a lot of it’s free. My favourite is the stupidly named SuperDuper! by a company called Shirt Pocket. It could take a couple of hours to back up your machine, but once it’s done you have a perfect copy of all your software to keep in a safe place in case it all goes terribly wrong.

Get ready to roar

Once you’ve got your backup in a safe place, it’s time to get on with the installation. The video above will talk you through all the steps involved in upgrading. It’s not too hard, but watch out for a few top tips!

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