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How to Twitter Badly: 5 Ways to Go Wrong Using Twitter

We all know the likes of Steven Fry and P-Diddy (or whatever he calls himself these days) can’t go ten minutes without accessing Twitter to tell the world what they are up to, but as the recent issues surrounding Twitter show – using Twitter is something everyone – celebrities included – can get increasingly wrong!

We look at five ways you can go seriously wrong using Twitter.

Updating Your Location on Twitter

For most of us it’s a simple status update, telling friends where you are and who you are with, but given the public nature of Twitter and the fact that anyone can follow you – how do you know that one of your followers is not just someone who knows where you live and is waiting for that great update ‘Off to Ibiza for a week with all the family’ before they embark on ransacking your house?

Banning Twitter at Work

If you are a boss, working in any industry, it can be tempting to ban potential time wasters such as Facebook and Twitter, but this can cause more problems that it’s worth in the long run. Not only do you have to monitor website useage (taking up lots of time), but you could also be missing out on a potentially important resource tool for finding out new information. Do you ban staff from looking at newspaper websites or trade magazines? Twitter is quickly proving itself as a valuable resource for finding out information on practically anything – shutting it down at work is a wasted opportunity. Facebook? That’s just full of Saturday-night-photos and Farmville, though isn’t it, so shut it down!

Pretending to Be Something You Are Not on Twitter

When you open the account under the name of your favourite celebrity or footballer it may seem like a good idea, but do you really have the time, energy and interest to continue pretending to be someone you are not on Twitter long-term? Telling your real-life friends will not really make you look cool either, will it? Likewise, if you claim to be an online marketing guru, online nutritionist or expert in Judo, and you are not, you are likely to come undone at some point throughout your Twitter journey. A good tip for Twitter: you don’t have to pretend to be someone you are not. If you are interested in Judo, but aren’t an expert, that’s fine. Share that with the world and Twitter will appreciate it and return the favour to help you learn more by sharing ideas, links and followers with you.

Ryan Giggs

Need we say anything more? We’d better not, just to be on the safe side, but we’re expecting the verb to ‘Giggs’ to make it into social media vocabulary very soon – and we don’t suppose it will be based on any reference to footballing genius either. A Footie fan? See the Best 10 TVs for watching the Manchester United versus Barcelona Final.

Not Sharing Cool Stuff on Twitter

Twitter is a resource, not sharing links to cool stuff you’ve found or retweeting messages from people that you follow is a sure-fire way to disengage with your followers. As much as you think everyone following you on Twitter wants to know about what you are doing/thinking/eating/drinking/wearing/feeling and who you are sleeping with at regular 30 second intervals – the truth is they don’t really.

So share links to really cool things you read online, you know, like the link to that really cool article you read on Pluggedin about how to go wrong using Twitter – go on, your followers will like you more for it.