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How to Take Photos: Summer Holiday Photo Tips

Looking to use your camera properly for that must-have photograph of the Empire State Building in New York, that stunning mountain-top view in Tuscany or blissed out beach in Thailand? Follow these tips on how to take photos that are better than ever this summer.

Summer is nearly here and while everyone is looking to tone their bodies in preparation for donning that beach wear, it is also the time of year when we try to use our digital cameras for more than just Facebook pub-shots.

Taking Better Photos with a Digital Camera

The first tip to be aware of is to clearly determine the geography of what you are taking a photograph of. A good photo typically has something in the foreground – a person or an object – to contrast with the back-drop.

If you don’t do this you can create a blurred scene, where the viewer is not sure about distances or size.

So a good tip before taking that photograph of the Grand Canyon is to ensure that you have something in the foreground before taking the shot. This will focus attention for the user and let them see how big the actual backdrop to your shot is.

Another area to really think about is the angle of your shot. Think about it: a photograph taken from the floor, looking up at a person looks completely different to the same person photographed from above. Nothing in the scene has changed – just the angle!

Another thing to consider when using your digital camera is contrast. Contrast is the difference in brightness between the darkest and the lightest part of an image. You can control the contrast by darkening the areas that are overexposed or by simply increasing the lighting on the areas that are under exposed.

These are just some general tips on how to take better holiday photographs when travelling, but one of the most important tips of all cannot be ignored: remember to charge your camera before you go and, of course, buy a plug adaptor before you go abroad.

Most importantly of all however – always take photographs. A bad photograph could be disappointing, but no photographs at all to show from your trip can be devastating. After all, what are you going to put on Facebook when you get back if you don’t have any pics to show?

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