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How to Survive at a Festival with All your Gadgets Working

Follow these top tips on how to survive the summer music festival season with all your gadgets intact – and still working!

You lucky devil, you’ve got yourself some festival tickets and are now getting off to this summer’s hottest and loudest place to be. With the UK festival season getting into full swing and  Glastonbury being less than 3 weeks away have you got all your gadgets to make sure you have the greatest festival experience, or the much needed tech essentials for T in the Park?

These festival funs gadgets should be high up on your check list next to tent, torch, food, pants, sleeping bag, pillow, stove, wellies…..etc.

The One for All Car Charger

If you’re having hellish nightmares about not being able to charge your phone at  a festival resulting in hours waited in a queue for the Orange box recharge tent, then how about the one for all car charger. The ultimate universal car charger allows you to charge any device using a cigarette lighter, from top of the range iPhones to retro classic Nokia’s the on for all is literally one for all devices.

The clever little charger also features an auto shut off function which prevents the car battery from draining.  If you need some instance battery , there is also a smart charge system which will recharge your device quickly.

As well as being suitable for digital cameras and gaming devices the charger also comes with  7 mobile phone  tips. Available from £16.99

TomTom Start UK

But if you are travelling by car, surely you will want to know how to get there. Being stranded in the great English countryside with no music festival fun in sight probably isn’t exactly how you want to end up.  If don’t already have a satellite navigation system now is as good a time as any to grab one.

The TomTom Start UK Sat Nav is ideal for long or short trips to unknown destinations. Complete with safety camera locations as well as full UK & ROI maps , you should be well on your way to finding that festival. The TomTom Start features a simplified menu which includes points of interest, 2D and 3D mapping display. The screen is 3.52 wide giving you enough room to find your route and watch the road.

Solar Chargers

But what about those who don’t have a charge- how ever will your charge your phone now! Not to worry there are plenty of solar based rechargeable devices on the market at the moment. You could opt for the rather stylish perhaps hideously expensive Ralph Lauren solar charging backpack. Working under Ralph Laurens RLX sport line which they say is “exceptionally luxury lifestyle apparel and innovative athletic gear”, the backpack will set you back around $800, but the device can charge iPhones and other smartphones within 2 or 3 hours depending how much sun there is.

If Ralph Lauren backpack is a little out of your price range and will end up feeling the crush  of an pumping crowd leaving you with shattered solar panels, then there is another option.

Starting from around £30 onwards, the FreeLoader Classic from Solar Technology International is a nifty little solar charger that allows users to charge smartphones for up to 44 hours and iPhones for 18 hours.  If you are daring enough to bring an iPad to a festival the FreeLoader Classic can also charge them for up to 2 hours. Gaming lovers will be pleased to hear that the charger will give a PSP or DS 2.5 hours of battery life.

The FreeLoader Classic was made for events like festivals, small and portable with powerful solar panels, the device features an LCD panel that tells you about your battery levels and charge can be stored up for a rainy day too.

Travel iPod Speakers

Many years ago our musical forefathers travelled around with Boom Boxes (and some still do) but in this modern and technical age, it’s all about portability.

Smaller and more compact speakers have been created for your campsite listening pleasure. The new Philips Fidelio
Docking speaker
is ideal for iPods, iPhones and the iPod Touch. The rechargeable battery allows for 8 hours of listening time and you even get a free downloadable app from the App Store which allows you to listen to internet radio and share your music with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

If that wasn’t enough it will charge your iPhone or iPod at the same time as playing music!