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How To Setup Windows Live Mail

A more convenient way of accessing your email is to use a third party program instead of using your web browser.

Setting up these programs can be tricky, so below is a guide of how to setup Windows Live Mail, Microsoft’s’ free email program.

1. If you don’t already have Windows Live Mail on your pc you’ll need to download it from You should be greeted by the following page:

2. Click on the download link and save the file that pops up. When it finishes you should have the following box:

3. Click Run, and the setup that starts should display the following:

4. You can select as many of the above options that you want but as default it is best to have messenger, mail and photo gallery selected to install. Once you have selected the programs you want, click the install button.  You may then see the following box appear.

If you do, it is simply because another program is open that is required to be closed during the installation.  Click “Continue” to close those programs.  Typically it will close Windows Live Messenger, Internet Explorer and any other Windows Live Essentials programs that are already installed and open.

You should then get an installation progress box pop up as the programs install:

5. Once all the programs have finished installing, you’ll get the following prompt:

6. Generally I would make sure all those boxes are left unticked so that your current settings don’t get changed. When you click continue, the next box will appear:

7. If you are setting up a non Windows Live address or already have one then just click close. If you don’t currently have an email account, you may want to click “Sign up” to obtain an email address.  Open Windows Live Mail from all programs, Windows Live in the start menu and you’ll probably get the following box. If you don’t have a Windows Live address, just click “Cancel”.

8. You’ll then be greeted by the following screen:

Insert all the relevant details. If you’re using Window’s Live Hotmail as your email provider, it will confirm the completed setup. In this case, it should display the screen below:

If it doesn’t display the above screen, it will ask you to put the details in yourself.  You can also alter these details by right clicking on the account name and clicking “Properties”, as shown below.

This should display the following screen:

Use the tabs at the top of the box to navigate between the settings.

Remember…Do take note that once you have set up an account with a POP server, it is not possible to change this setting. So if it is actually meant to be IMAP, you’ll have to delete the account and add a new one separately.

It’s also important to remember to have the settings available for your email provider, even if Windows Live Mail says it has automatically configured the account. Sometimes the settings in its database are outdated and need tweaking in order to get a successful setup.