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How to Save Money with Your Smartphone

Smartphone apps can not only make your life easier, but also save you money down the line.

They are without a doubt one of the greatest things about the Smartphones available at the moment. They cover almost all of our needs. We have looked at 5 of the best money saving apps available at present;


Wherever you are in the UK, this app uses GPS technology to locate the best discount vouchers and offers nearest to you.Users can choose from around five thousand well-known brands that display their vouchers and deal offers in this app. With so many options, there is something for everyone. Once you choose yours, the voucher is delivered directly to your phone, without any need for you to print it off.


iXpenseIt is an iPhone app which simplifies daily expense tracking and monthly budgeting. By recording the money that goes in and out of your account, it customises your personal and business expenses with ‘easy to understand’ reports and graphics to see where your money goes. Among other services, it includes a visual indicator of your monthly budget versus expenses.

Adapted from its original website, this iPhone app version of finds the lowest UK petrol price in your area. Simply by jotting down the local postcode, this app generates a list of the nearest and cheapest fuel prices. With more than 11,000 petrol stations across the UK, the PetrolPrices application will help you save every time you have to refuel.

AA Parking

Parking in London can be a real nightmare. With so many options for parking (some that require money and some that do not) it can be a minefield trying to make your mind up. Once again, GPS technology contributes to this iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad app by helping the user find the best parking options by showing a fully interactive map that explains all of the parking restrictions in that area, as well as the streets with no restrictions.

CompareMe version 2

The aim of CompareMe is to show its users the product’s unit prices. Thank to this, consumers can compare the unit price with the retail price to make sure that they are not paying over the odds.