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How to Publish and Share a Photo Album on Facebook

Whether you want it to be seen by the whole world or just your grandmother, publishing and sharing your photo album on Facebook is a simple and speedy process.

Getting Started

As soon as you’re logged in and your homepage has loaded, you’ll see on the left there are links to your Messages, Friends, Events and so on. Click on ‘Photos’. You’ll then be taken to a new page showing recent photo uploads by friends. Click on ‘Upload Photos’ at the top of this page to upload some of your own.

A pop-up box then appears, allowing you to select the photos you wish to upload. Click ‘Select Photos’ and then double-click the folder name on your computer where these photos have been saved. The photo files should then appear as icons for you.

Selecting your Photos

Select the photo files you wish to upload by clicking on them. You can select numerous files by clicking on them one at a time while holding CTRL, or by clicking and dragging the cursor over them. Alternatively, you can select all the photos by pressing CTRL + A. You can choose up to 200 photos per album.

If your photo files are located in different folders on your computer then you may prefer to use the ‘Simple Uploader’ option, which allows you to upload five files at a time from various locations on your computer. Whichever method you’ve used, when you’re happy with which photos you’ve chosen click ‘Open’ to upload the files.

Creating your Photo Album

Another pop-up box will then open and this will allow you to create an album for your photo uploads. Here you can give it a name and a location, choose the quality you want your photos to appear in (standard or high-resolution) and customise which people on Facebook you want to make the album available to.

Hit ‘Create Album’ when you’ve decided upon all this and, once your upload is completed, you’ll be taken to a new page where you can modify things further. Here, you can tag friends in photos, create captions for them, delete them or move them to other albums. You can also add an album description. As you’re doing this you’ll on occasion be asked if you want to publish your photo album, but you can press ‘Skip’ if you need more time.

Publishing your Photo Album

Once you’re satisfied, click on ‘Save Changes’. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to make more changes to it at any time. For now, you’re done! All you have to do now is decide what sort of album this is. You’ll again be presented with the options to ‘Publish’ or ‘Skip’.

Perhaps you’ll only want your photo album to be seen by certain people, in which case you should hit ‘Skip’ if you don’t want it to appear on your profile or on your friends’ News Feeds. Remember, you can better ensure who your album is visible to by adjusting your privacy settings. If, on the other hand, you’re finally ready to go live and share your album with the world then click ‘Publish’.

Sharing your Photo Album

You can still share your album with others if you’ve hit ‘Skip’. If you click on ‘Share this album’, another pop-up window will appear, enabling you to present your album to an audience of your own choosing. Simply enter any Facebook friend or email address, write a personal message if you want to, and click ‘Send Message’. If you chose the ‘Publish’ option earlier, you’ll again be given the ‘Share this album’ option.

You could also choose to send it to certain people as a message, or you can ‘Post to Profile instead’ and write a status update like ‘Finally, here are my Canada photos!’ to go with it. Your post will appear on your profile and will be seen by your friends in their News Feeds and, depending on your privacy settings, could be visible to friends of friends, people in your network or absolutely everyone on Facebook. Simply hit ‘Share’ and let the comments and likes begin!