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How to Organise Your Fridge and Freezer

The benefits of having a well organised fridge go further than enabling you to fit everything in.  Discover some top tips for looking after the most important kitchen appliance.

Of course, not everybody’s fridges and freezers are going to be organised the same, but there are some basic points which could help your fridge stay clean and clutter free.

Always keep raw chicken and other meat at the bottom of the fridge, this means any liquid that may leak will not contaminate other food which could cause food poisoning.

Depending on the type of fridge you have, you may have side shelves in the fridge door – these can be used for sauces and it may be a good idea to keep sweet and savoury sauces separate so they are easy to find.

Keep a separate space or shelf in the main part of the fridge for snacks and sandwich fillings, and keep drinks such as orange juice and milk in the bottom side pocket so they can stand upright, reducing the chance that they could leak.

The best tip for keeping your freezer organised is to try and suppress the urge to overfill it.  The more you have in the freezer, the harder it will be to find anything, and reducing the likelihood that you will use the food in it as a result.

If you have just single pieces of meat for example, keep them in one drawer and make sure you put a date on them so you do not leave older pieces in there too long.

For quick ready meals – keep these together so you know exactly where to go for an easy dinner, and the same for ice cream and frozen desserts.

Look After Your Fridge & Freezer

If you look after your fridge and freezer the chances are they will live longer, and keeping them organised can prevent them from breaking down.

An organised fridge and freezer can help you use the food you buy as it is easier to find things and not forget them when they are forced to the back.

The PROLINE PLC190W has a net fridge capacity of 4.49 cu. ft, and freezer capacity of 2.4 cu. ft.

This relatively medium sized fridge freezer has useful drawers in the freezer compartment to store food, making it easier to organise and get to every bit of food even if it is lodged at the back.

If you keep rotating the food you buy, you are less likely to over fill your fridge and freezer as you will see what you need, as opposed to buying duplicates that you do not require.

Overfilling your fridge and freezer is the sin of all icy related sins – it makes your fridge and freezer work harder for food you probably do not need.

If your appliances are filled to the max, it will take longer for you to empty them to give them a clean, and de-frost your freezer.

De-frosting you freezer is important to keep the freezer working properly and prevent a build up of ice.  If it is bulging at the seams, you are perhaps less likely to complete the task regularly.

Like many new model fridge freezers, the HOTPOINT RFA52S however includes an automatic defrost function. The frost free function means the appliance automatically prevents a build up of frost so there is no need for you to do it yourself.


The various compartments can be used for storing food types that usually stay quite a long time in your fridge, such as butter.

By storing them in a compartment with a lid, usually in the door side, they stay fresh, and the closed container means other foods do not taint the butter, or make it smell different.

Salad and vegetables that can go off quickly could go in one of the drawers in the main fridge to keep the lettuce and tomatoes crisp and fresh.

Fridges often come with egg holders, but it is not necessary to store eggs in the fridge anymore.  So if you are keen to make more space in your fridge then you could remove this to store other items.

When you want to store cooked food or left-overs, always make sure the food or drink has cooled down to room temperature before you put it in the fridge.

If you put warm or hot food in the fridge it will raise the temperature inside the fridge which could make other items of food go off, or cause the fridge to compensate and reduce the temperature further leaving you with frozen food.


Chillers, or mini-fridges, are often used for the purpose of keeping drinks cool. They are popular with the free and single bachelor who enjoys hosting the odd house party or even a large family, who do not have space in their main fridge for the odd beer and bottle of wine.

Alternatively, they can be a suitable option for office purposes where there is no need for a whole fridge just to keep the odd sandwich and carton of milk chilled.

It is worth investing in a quality chiller so you can fill it with as much drink or food without the temperature being compromised.

Most chillers have inbuilt slots for bottles of wine so you cannot go wrong with organising a chiller.

This stylish LIEBHERR WT4677143 BOTTLE WINE CABINET (TINTO) has special shelves for the bottles to sit on and can store up to 143 bottles, so you can throw a good old bash with this model.

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