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How to Create a Man-Den

Every man needs a man-den, somewhere to hideaway from the stresses and strains of modern wife. Oops, I meant life, of course. And what does every man den need? Gadgets and gizmos of course. Find out how to create the perfect man-den.

To create a man-den in your home all it takes is a spare bedroom, an unused garage space or a corner basement. Or failing that a garden shed.

Whether a sports fanatic, a chilled-out music and art lover or a DIY fanatic, we look at the cool tech kit every man should have.

The Sporty Man’s Den

The ideal room for this particular kind of man would be a basement set-up where he can cheer and scream as loudly as he likes at his favourite sporting matches without disturbing the rest of the family.

The main focus of the entire room for a sporty man’s den is, of course, the TV. If you like you could get a home cinema system and the multiple speakers to create your very own sporting environment.

A high-definition projector with a 75-inch screen at least 5.1 channel surround-sound speakers could be just what you are after.

And when the football has finished you obviously need to be able to plug in your favourite games console such as a Nintendo Wii or an Xbox 360 for that round of sporting fun without having to leave your sanctuary.

A mini-fridge is a given, of course in any sports den, such as the Proline PBR65W mini fridge. With a gross capacity of 1.52 cu.ft and an A rating for energy efficiency what more could you want. Complete with bottle rack and ice box, it is the perfect accompaniment for any sports den.

The music and art lovers den

The perfect space for the acoustic man’s den, who loves his music, light entertainment and a good stiff drink, would be a spare room tucked up in the attic; the key to a good listening room is containing the sound.

You could go the whole hog and try and create a 21st century ‘Wall of Sound’ and opt for built-in storage for stereo equipment a sound-absorbing floor and walls. A  wireless connection so you can hook up to the internet to browse your favourite bands and artists on the latest iPad 2 is obviously a given for this room, too.

In this room the essential gadgets will be a good quality hi-fi system with surround sound speakers, a vinyl, CD and MP3 player system to make sure all music in your collection regardless of the medium they are on can be played when desired.

A Robertson digital radio may be a nice little extra, too for that crisp, clear sound and for ease of use when that must-listen-to-now-radio documentary about the forming of the Clash airs on 6 Music.

Any extra gadgets? A funky lamp, perhaps, to provide the serene and relaxed mood to help you chill out,  and maybe a digital photo frame to enjoy on the move art and photography. The Sony DPFA7 10B is a 7” digital photo frame which can play slideshows of all your favourite photos and requires no computer to use. It has a multi format memory card slot which allows you to sit back relax and enjoy your photos: great for reliving those gigs from your youth!

The gadget man’s den

You may work in an office all day, but that often doesn’t mean, sadly for many of us, that you’ve had the chance to be really creative, or to get busy with your hands. There’s nothing many men like to do more than potter about fixing (breaking in my case) things, improving things and generally getting down and dirty with some gadgets.

When it comes to a gadget man’s den it just has to be outside the main building: the garage or shed are his domain as he sets about creating his own workshop.

Being outside away from the main building means you will want a wireless radio. Tune into what’s happening outside your workshop of gadget heaven with a cool and sleek Pure Evoke Mio DAB radio. The retro looking device has an LCD display, can tune into FM and digital stations. You can also get stuck in with its USB  and headphone sockets.

How about a dictaphone, instead of frantically searching for a pen and paper to jot down any ideas or changes you’ve made to gadgets try the hassle free way of recording yourself. Olympus tend to make pretty solid dictaphones, some with up to 300 hours recording time.

Whilst listening and working away on your gadgets, what would make the den complete is a coffee machine. If you’re a coffee lover and visualise yourself spending a lot of time in your gadget workshop why not invest in an ultra cool Krups KP500240 Pod Coffee Machine. With a modern round finish and coffee pump you will have no reason to ever leave your den!

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