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How does the Sony PS Vita trailer compare to PS3 and Xbox ads?

As the big day approaches, it looks like Sony is stepping up its marketing to really push the PS Vita down our throats.

The hype in the tech and gaming world has been pretty much constant since the handheld was launched in Japan late last year.

But just to make sure we haven’t forgotten about it, Sony has unleashed the European trailer for PS Vita on YouTube.

PS Vita The World is in Play

This above cinematic advert sees Sony forget about silly details like game play or the handheld’s features, and focus on making an advert people will remember.

With a focus on the Vita’s connectivity and social features, the advert shows how everyday commuters are transformed into soldiers, footballers and explorers every time they turn on their device.

It is a different direction for Sony, and part of a multi-million pound onslaught on the European and US markets ahead of the launch on 22nd February.

The advert has gamers divided – some wanted to see more game play, while others claimed it has convinced them to buy a Vita.

Whatever you think, there’s no denying it has got people talking. But how does it compare to some of the other classic console adverts?

PS3 Long Live Play

Dubbed one of the best console ads of all time by gamers everywhere, Sony really out-did itself with this one.

Featuring cameos from all our favourite characters, from Nathan Drake to Old Snake, Ezio Auditore to Sackboy, this advert had gamers all over the world switching over from Xbox.

Xbox Stand Off

This ad never actually made it to air. Not because it was banned, but because the unimaginative execs at Microsoft refused to give it the go ahead.

But it has now been seen by millions on YouTube, and rightly so – it’s a great idea that just makes you want to be a kid again.