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How do I keep my washing machine in good condition?

General maintenance of your washer is very straightforward when you know how!

The purpose of this article is to give you a basic but effective guide to the regular servicing and maintenance of your washer from day one!

If you just take a few minutes to read my short article you will find a big difference in the performance of your washing machine.

The article will answer such questions as how do I prolong the life of my washer? How do I maintain the freshness of my washer? How do I prevent and remove lime scale? Which lime scale removers are recommended? Hopefully by reading this article you will have a further insight into the recommended ways to keep your washer in good condition!

Watering down detergent

Concentrated conditioner is often very thick and can cause problems with the washing machine dispenser jets if not watered down. It is recommended that when using concentrated conditioner to dilute this to preserve the cleanliness of your dispenser drawer and jets.

If you find your conditioner is clogging up your dispenser drawer you may need to dilute the conditioner or use a different brand. By regularly cleaning the drawer and the jets you will reduce problems that bacteria can cause in the future such as very bad smells and the machine no longer taking the conditioner.

To prevent this from happening dilute your concentrated conditioner. As a guide dilute the conditioner to 50 % mix water 50% mix conditioner. Each conditioner brand will differ in thickness. This is a guide only.

Cleaning drawer

If you find your conditioner is either i) leaking from your drawer during a wash, ii) not leaving the drawer any more, or iii) clogging up the drawer, remove the drawer completely, depending on which manufacturer refer to the manual on how to remove correctly. Take a toothbrush and clean the drawer out completely and the roof of the machine dispenser compartment where the jets are located.

After cleaning the roof of the machine put the drawer back in. If you find your machine has a lot of black marks in the drum and the drawer, run a boil wash to clear the bacteria and black marks which have built up from old powder, liquid, or conditioner.

Cleaning your drawer will prolong the life of your machine and prevent the drawer from clogging up and the machine producing large amounts of bacteria. This process will keep your machine fresh and maintain the quality of how it performs.

Running maintenance washes

Most manufacturers recommend that your machine is cleaned regularly. One way of making sure your machine is clean in areas you cannot get to by hand is to put the machine through a maintenance or service wash. This is usually the hottest wash your machine will run between 60 and 95 degrees. Run this wash periodically depending on how much you use your machine, but this is usually recommended once every month.

Your machine may require more frequent maintenance washes if you use your machine a more often or if you only use colder washes i.e. 30 or 40 degree washes. If your machine is building lime scale or bacteria, put some lime scale remover or soda crystals in the drawer and the drum and on an empty wash run a hot wash.

DO NOT PUT CLOTHES IN WITH THIS WASH. This will keep your machine fresh and clean if done on a regular basis.

General Maintenance

To aid your machine to keep clean, after each wash wipe the door seal and glass down with a cloth and leave the door slightly open to allow air to circulate and naturally dry the machine. This will prevent water from becoming stagnant in the door seal area.

Regularly clean the inside of the drum to reduce bacteria build up also. When doing this some customers notice a hole in the 6 o clock position in the door seal. You can be assured this is normal in some manufacturers. The purpose for this hole is to prevent water from collecting in the bottom of the door seal and becoming stagnant. This hole is normal and supposed to be in the seal.>

Lime scale remover – check and protect

There are many lime scale removers out there but Comet sell a fantastic product called check and protect. You can read about this product on the Comet website. This is a fantastic product, which prevents LIMESCALE and BACTERIA build up and protects your machine from day one. It is recommended to be used once a month.

In summary, the upkeep of your washing machine is very important. If you think about it your machine is being subjected to water all the time and this can remain in the washing machine after use if not cleaned properly. Water can go stagnant and cause bacteria and lime scale.

It is advisable to keep on top of service and maintenance of your washer just as you would do with your car. Regularly maintaining your washer will keep its performance tip top and prolong its life. Take care of it and it will take care of you!

Thank you for reading and I hope this has inspired you to keep up the good work in maintaining your machines good condition!

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