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How can I watch Digital TV?

What is Digital TV?

The digital switchover will send all TV signals digital by the end of 2012. This will happen region by region and when it does come to your area you’ll either need a new digital TV, a digital set top or built-in box or a digital TV recorder.

It’s also worth making sure you’ve got decent reception for the switchover, so it might be worth checking your aerial. So how can I go digital?

Through an aerial:


The digital channel provider is still very popular and is built into every TV in our range, so you’ll be future-proof ready when the analogue signal is switched off.

Freeview HD

Freeview HD is the latest digital switchover innovation and easy to get if you have access in your area. It offers free access to a selection of HD channels, from BBC HD, ITV HD, Channel 4 HD and S4C (if you live in Wales), to the standard Freeview channels, radio stations and services. Channel Five also have plans to launch a HD channel in late 2010. Many of our new range of TVs now have Freeview HD included.

Through a satellite:

Freesat HD

Gives you subscription-free access to 140 channels and radio stations, including the High Definition channels BBC HD and ITV HD. Freesat is a good solution if you can’t get good aerial reception in your area and need a dish to get a quality picture, although this makes it a pricier option than Freeview. As it’s owned by the BBC and ITV, it provides you with access to BBC iPlayer, so you need never miss your favourite BBC programmes. Many of our TVs have Freesat HD built in.


Offers literally hundreds of different TV channels in standard definition and HD (Sky+ HD box needed). Sky subscribers also have access to the Sky+ box so you can record, pause and rewind live TV as well as the Sky+ HD box upgrade (this box also gives access to the Sky 3D channel). You will have to pay for installation.

Other options:

You can also access a digital service from Virgin, BT Vision, Tiscali, and other local providers.

Now you know what to look out for, browse our range of digital TVs, recorders and set top box packages online or talk to our experts at your nearest Comet store to choose the one that’s right for you.

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