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New core range of matching Aquarius, Aquarius+ & Ultima Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers.

With a brand new iconic aesthetic and design, the new range has been developed to ensure a step change in our laundry offering. Still maintaining many of our favourite features such as Eco Cycles, the range also incorporates a whole host of new features offering outstanding cleaning and drying performance!

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washing machine and tumble dryers

Advanced Anti-Stain Treatment

NEW to core range Washing Machines the most advanced anti-stain treatment yet – this cycle removes even the most difficult of stains thanks to its intelligent electronic water and temperature control. Certified by Ariel, this cycle is guaranteed to get out as many as 20 of the most difficult stains!

How does it work?

The wash cycle has four distinct phases designed to remove different types of stains…

  • Lower water usage in the early part of the wash cycle ensures a higher concentration of detergent.
  • An intensified Bio phase to remove enzyme based stains.
  • A phase where temperature is held at the ideal temperature for activating bleach within the detergent.
  • A period of intensified agitation.

Whites Cycle

NEW to selected core range Washing Machines as on the new Aqualtis washing machines, temperatures are maintained throughout the cycle to ensure efficient stain removal on white cottons with intensified mechanical action. The result? Garments maintain their original whiteness for longer.

Anti-Allergy Cycles

NEW to core range Washing Machines and selected core range Tumble Dryers, these new patented high temperature technologies help to reduce any traces of detergent and reduce harmful allergens from clothes ensuring total care for clothes and skin.

Select the dedicated Anti-Allergy cycle on Aquarius and Aquarius+ washing machines or select the Anti-allergy option on Ultima washing machines to activate extra rinses at the end of a cycle. Alternatively, select the specific programme on our tumble dryers to ensure all allergens are neutralised.

Allergy UK approved.

More energy efficient than ever!

Hotpoint are more energy efficient than ever before, our new core washing machines feature an energy rating of A+ on Aquarius models or A++ on Aquarius+ and Ultima models. On the tumble dryer range there is a larger choice of ‘B’ energy rated models.

Easy Carry Water Bottle

NEW to core range Tumble Dryers The new easy carry water bottle with handle is larger than ever so it can be emptied less frequently and carried vertically. The water bottle also has two separate emptying valves – one for quick emptying and one for precise emptying if you choose to recycle the water for ironing or watering plants.

Shop our core range of Hotpoint
washing machine and tumble dryers

What else is new on core range Washing Machines?

  • Widened inner porthole – one of the largest on the market!
  • Newly designed rotating detergent drawer with easy dose device.
  • Easy to open ergonomic door handle.
  • Ultima models now have a 9kg capacity.

What else is new on core range Tumble Dryers?

  • Larger capacity – now up to 9kg!
  • New wave patterned drum – creating an air cushion for smooth tumbling.
  • Increased capacity – all new Aqualtis Tumble Dryers are now 9kg!
  • New filter with a larger surface area.