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Hotpoint FFB6200AX Fridge Freezer review

Hotpoint FFB6200AX

Rating: ★★★★☆

Having just recently moved into a new house (and finally moved out from my Mum & Dad’s) i had a rude shock waiting for me – apparently it’s called the “Real World”…

My first disappointment was the gaps in the kitchen where i had been expecting shiny new kitchen appliances that would chill our food & wine, clean our clothes and heat up “Rustlers burgers” (for those days when the “Real world” really was too much to deal with).

Yes it seems that these selfish housing companies not only deprive you of grass in your garden but also attempt to deny you the basic human right of a chilled glass of wine & a pair of clean pants.

At that moment working for Comet began to have benefits i had never before appreciated.  I realised that actually all I had to do was ask ‘the Comet experts’ and they would be able to help me magically fill our new home with wondrous, cleaning, chilling & cooking machines!  After some consultation with various buyers & appliance gurus we agreed on the Hotpoint FFB6200AX.

This is a really sleek looking fridge freezer with plenty of storage capacity, and some neat features.

I’ve had my Hotpoint FFB6200AX for around 18 months now and i love it. I know it’s only a Fridge Freezer and not so long ago the only objects I “loved” were new shoes or handbags. Now I have entered the “real world” i have recognised that any appliances that make my life easier and look pretty in my kitchen are also worthy of my love.

I was initially attracted to the look of the Fridge Freezer: It is a 60cm wide (standard) model, with sleek curved doors and a slick looking stainless steel finish. This model provides roughly 35 litres more storage capacity than a standard 60cm appliance.

The stainless steel finish looks great in our kitchen and isn’t a huge problem to keep clean. I know stainless steel can sometimes be a nightmare with finger prints but a wipe with a cloth every so often seems to suffice.

The Fridge compartment:


The layout inside the fridge freezer is good too – it’s well equipped with shelves, a wine rack (my favourite bit) and lots of storage room.  The upper door racks provide room for butter (several various types as i am going through a bit of a cupcake baking phase), tubs of cream cheese, all the usual condiments & salad dressings, jams, jars of pesto etc & the top door rack has a nifty egg rack and some more room in the dairy box for cheeses (although i do need to stand on tiptoes to reach this shelf which possibly isn’t ideal when reaching for eggs). The actual fridge shelves also provide plenty of space for storage.

There are 4 shelves in the main part of the fridge with varying height gaps between them plus below that is a “fresh box” for fresh meat and fish and beneath that is a fairly large salad box for fresh fruit and vegetables.

We are a 2 person household but my husband probably accounts for at least 2 average people in food consumption terms.

The Technical Bit…

  • Super cool function - Useful to activate when you restock the fridge after a shopping trip which helps to quickly restore the temperature down to the ideal level.
  • Hygiene+ – Hotpoint’s anti-bacterial protection built into the fridge liners which inhibit the growth of potentially harmful bacteria and also reduce odours.

The Freezer compartment


Now for my favourite bit… the inside of the freezer door has extra deep storage when compared to a standard freezer which allows you to tore frozen pizzas in the little racks inside the doors which not only gives you even more storage but also prevents you from the dreaded “squashed pizza situation” (this is probably what originally sold me on this model – yes i know
i am perhaps a little fickle but also particularly partial to pizza).

In addition there are 3 standard freezer drawers for all your frozen chips, ice cream and potato waffles (ok, so i haven’t completely embraced the whole “being a grown up” concept quite yet but one step at a time).

The Technical Bit…

  • Super freeze function
    This strangely enough is similar to the “super cool” function i mentioned previously but this if for rapidly reducing the temperature in the freezer which again is useful just after a weekly shop which has caused the temperature to rise.
  • Fully Frost Free – This is pretty self explanatory but basically works by circulating cold air in the freezer compartment and through the air tower in the fridge, preventing ice crystals from forming and ensuring there is no build up of ice in the fridge or the freezer meaning that I will never have to defrost the freezer again (this feature therefore gets a big tick from me).


Other Features

This Fridge Freezer has an A+ energy efficiency rating so not only does it save me money in electricity bills but it also helps to save the world too! (Ok – possibly a slight exaggeration but it still helps the environment).

The only other thing that is important to mention with regards to this Fridge Freezer is that although it is technically a standard 60cm wide fridge freezer, due to the extra depth of the door, installation of the FFB6200A in a 60cm width cavity, particularly against a wall, may be problematic.  We were therefore advised that you should make sure you allow up
to 10cm additional space for maximum door opening.  I think the gap ours is in is approx 68cm and this seems fine but best to check.


  • Large capacity for a standard fridge freezer
  • A+ Energy efficiency grade-saves money and the environment
  • Wine rack in fridge & Pizza rack in the freezer
  • Frost free – so never have to defrost it!


  • The deeper door requires those extra few centimetres of space than a standard 60cm – so need to check measurements before you buy
  • The lid on the salad drawer doesn’t lay flat if you overfill it and the door hits it –which could break it if not careful
  • Quite expensive


This Hotpoint Fridge Freezer is highly energy efficient, has extra storage capacity inside the curved doors and looks fantastic in my kitchen.

Iit’s a little more expensive than some of the more basic models available in the market but I think the aesthetics, additional storage capacity and neat features make it worth the investment.

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