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Hi-res iPad 3 release date now February 2012?

Not just one but ‘several’ anonymous sources have colluded to come up with the latest in iPad 3 speculation today, pegging the new Apple tablet’s release date as February 2012.

Analyst Richard Gardner of Citi has penned a note based on these sources, saying that a new iPad with a higher resolution display is good to go.

“There do not appear to be any significant technical hurdles remaining,” he wrote in a note, which should allay any fears of any white paint issues or battery draining bugs.

Theoretically, anyway

His elusive sources reckon the resolution of the iPad 3 will be double the resolution of the iPad 2′s.

Past rumours have indicated this super-high-res display has proven problematic, giving Apple headaches over backlighting and potentially even adding a bit of extra bulk to the currently-slim slate.

The timing isn’t far off; Apple launched the iPad in January 2010 and the iPad 2 in March 2011, so February 2012 for the iPad 3 seems feasible.

But with not much more to go on than the word of an analyst and his secret sources, we can’t rate this rumour any higher than ‘it’s possible’.

Hi-res iPad 3 release date now February 2012?