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Hey Big Spender! Welsh Children Own The Most Gadgets

Children in Wales are the most likely to own the latest high-tech gadgets, a new nationwide study into children and the technology they own shows.

Research conducted by Halifax found that Welsh kids are among the most tech-savvy, topping a nationwide poll of gadget ownership. 100 per cent of those surveyed in Wales owned a game console, while in the rest of the UK; only 91 per cent of the nation’s kids own a gaming device.

According to the research, Welsh children also spend the highest amount of money on computer games and equipment. On average they spend £15.24 a month, almost £5 higher than the next biggest spenders: Yorkshire and Humber spend £10.62. London is the third highest spender at £10.56.

Children in East Anglia spend the least amount per month at £8.01. The study also found that at a national level, boys own more gaming consoles and spend more on computer games and equipment each month than their female counterparts.

Kid’s Ownership of Technology Revealed

94 per cent of children in Wales own a mobile phone, but according to Halifax, children in London have the highest phone bills and when it comes to footing the bill the responsibility typically falls to mummy and daddy. However, one fifth of children do take financial responsibility for paying for their own mobile phone bills.

Although Welsh kids may well have it all, they don’t necessarily use it all. Only two-fifths of them download music from the internet compared to well over 50 per cent of children in London, Yorkshire and the Humber.

This could be due to the fact that most children do not know the real cost of iTunes downloads. The survey showed that most children guessed that a track cost £1.84, almost double of the cost of an average iTunes download at 99 pence.