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Headphones – clear crisp sound that will never let you down

Bang & Olufsen Earphones

Rating: ★★★★★

I have had a number of headphones over the years with little joy finding ones that meet all my simple criteria, quality sound and don’t fall off while jogging.
After trying these headphones out in the shop I knew these were the ones for me, durable and sturdy and did not come loose with a few quick jogs on the spot (slightly embarrassing to do in a shop but I had to know)

Little has been talked about with these headphones, which confuses me quite a lot, as they are reasonably priced, come in a range of colours to match any coloured mp3 device you may have. I personally went for the chrome and black finish which I think looks smart enough to wear when traveling to work in a suit, whilst being comfortable enough for a long jog without chaffing.

As you would expect with any B&O product the sound quality is superb, and the quality of the product is top level, without being overly expensive, which you I tend to find most B&O products are.
I believe if you like your music, and find that pure in ear headphones are not for you as they can keep slipping out or are uncomfortable, these headphones are for you.


  • Sound quality
  • Comfort


  • Very little


Won’t get much better for your money.

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