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Has Apple ordered 10 million iPad Mini units?

Apple’s much hyped 7.85 inch tablet, the Apple iPad Mini, is expected to be announced on 17 October, with the device due to launch two weeks later.

Now further evidence of the iPad Mini’s existence has come to light, with Asian component suppliers claiming that the tech giant has ordered 10 million of the devices to be made in the fourth quarter of the year.

Rumours had surfaced that workers at Foxconn, Apple’s Taiwanese manufacturing partner, had gone on strike – potentially delaying orders for the iPhone 5.

If true, this could also impact on production of the iPad Mini, but the company has moved to quash all rumours and said that production of the iPhone 5 is on track.

Apple iPad Mini: The latest

With a press invite due this week, the iPad Mini rumour mill is going into overdrive. Apple is, of course being as tight-lipped as ever, which only adds fuel to the flames.

Speculation is rife that the iPad Mini will not feature a Retina display as expected, but will instead use the same liquid crystal display technology that the larger iPad does.

Some have also argued that it makes sense for Apple to feature a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels on the iPad Mini, as this already featured on the iPad and iPad 2 and would be ‘competitive’ for the 7.85 inch display size.

Apple iPad Mini: Will it succeed?

Almost half of tech fans recently surveyed by VoucherCodesPro feel that the upcoming release of the Apple iPad Mini is a mistake, with some stating that the project will be Apple’s biggest failure to date.

However, analysts have also predicted that sales of the iPad Mini could reach six million by the end of December 2012.

The strength of the Apple brand will no doubt mean that iPad Mini will have a loyal following, regardless of its specs, features and price.

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