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Halo 4 – What do we know so far?

This autumn is set to be a typically action-packed season for the games industry, with new hardware, peripherals and titles set to hit our stores.

One of the biggest releases will be Halo 4, the long-awaited return to the popular Xbox series that is set to revamp the entire franchise.

Microsoft has argued that Halo 4, set to be released in November, will mark a “new beginning” for the series as the firm’s in-house games department takes over the development of the game.

Though the game is still in the advanced stages of its development, previews of the latest instalment of the action series have suggested that the wide range of customisation features make play even more interactive.

This includes giving players the chance to choose male and female body types to represent themselves in multiplayer mode. Maker 343i is also seeking player input before layouts for the game are finalised, but what else do we know so far?

Halo 4 customisation

Players can choose from a range of button layouts, from a default setting to a choice of the following: “Green Thumb”, “Boxer”, “SouthPaw”, “Recon”, “FishStick” and “Bumper Jumper”.

Users can also create their own individual looks by customising everything from their armour to emblem design. There are a choice of several premade clip-arts for use in emblems and primary, secondary, while background colours for the design can also be customised.

Each element of armour design can also be tailored to individual tastes such as forearms, shoulders, head, torso and legs.

Halo 4 ranking system

According to reports, the ranking system in Halo 4 will only be visible to individuals playing the game and not other players.

Despite this fact, ranks will still be taken into account when the game’s matchmaking system searches for suitable matches.

Halo 4 Reclaimer Trilogy

Halo 4 starts a new trilogy with the star of the original Halo series, Master Chief, at the helm.  The game is also set to open with a prologue that will introduce new players to the game’s plot and characters.

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