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Halo 4 multiplayer: more details on specialisations

Halo 4, the hugely anticipated title from Microsoft and 343 Industries, is just a couple of months away from release – and more details are being revealed all the time.

Set for release in November this year, the latest round of upgrades to be revealed included new and improved noises on pre-existing weapons, such as the rocket launcher, shotgun, pistol and DMR.

Details of eight specialisation options, which have been created to “make the play experience months and even years after release feel fresh”, have also been unveiled. So what do we now know about them?

Halo 4: specialisation options

  • Pioneer: Here users can build up experience points at a faster rate via Fast Track mode.
  • Wetworks: A cover tool that shows players on screen with just an outline and allows them to move more quietly.
  • Engineer: An arrow directs players to where weapons have been dropped, giving them a first look at the arsenal.
  • Tracker: If gamers aren’t happy with the weapons offered in a weapons drop they are able to select new ones.
  • Pathfinder: This reduces cool-down period for guns on vehicles, as well as giving players the ability to carry detached weapons faster.
  • Operator: This specialisation rewards you for good driving and it also allows you to recharge vehicle health more rapidly.
  • Rogue: Enables players to be more stable while sniping.
  • Stalker: Gamers can see who they were last killed or attacked by and enact their revenge.

Countdown to Halo 4 release

Wetworks and Pioneer will be available on launch, but the users wanting to have a go at the remaining six will need to wait for the Halo 4 Limited Edition package.

Earlier released details about the game include the fact that users can create their own individual looks by customising everything from their armour to emblem design.

The excitement surrounding Halo 4 has been growing steadily since its announcement, but with these details – not to mention the details of new weapons that came to light recently – November can’t come soon enough.

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