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Hair Straighteners Give New Appearance to Men’s Gadgets

The nature of men’s gadgets seems to have changed in recent years as 1 in 8 British men admit they can’t go on holiday without their trusted hair straighteners.

Whilst men’s gadgets have traditionally been associated with less cosmetic based products, it appears that grooming has become even more important to appearance-conscious Brits.

The research indicates that men remain more interested in electrical gadgets than women, with men taking an average of seven of these gadgets on holiday with them as opposed to women, who take only three on average.

Role Reversal

The most common items considered as “essential” gadgets by men when holidaying were hair straighteners, hair dryers and travel irons. These featured amongst more traditional pieces of technology, such as mobile phones and Tablets.

The role reversal over the preference of gadgets has not just seen men embracing their feminine side, but has seen women make some shocking revelations as well.

When quizzed about what gadget they would take with them if only one was allowed, men were four times more likely to respond with an answer of ‘a travel iron’.

But, whilst one in eight men confessed to needing their hair straighteners, one in five girls admitted that they would take a games console abroad with them – a figure that was higher for women than men!

These unexpected results have shown that the world of gadgets is changing for both men and women, with new, popular gadgets replacing traditional items.

Business Gadgets

Perhaps not as shocking as the above is the revelation that business gadgets are used by over 45% of people whilst holidaying abroad.

Some of the traditional perceptions concerning men seemed to be reclaimed here with a significant proportion revealing they keep their work gadgets switched on for the entire length of their holiday.

BlackBerry devices were said to feature as a particular distraction to holidaying Brits, with a number of people using theirs for business and personal purposes whilst abroad.

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