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GTA 5 update – Now a no-show at Gamescom 2012?

With gamers sitting around twiddling their thumbs until some big new releases in the autumn, the gaming rumour mill is reaching fever pitch.

While all manner of games are being discussed and debated, there is one that has got pretty much all of our attention right now.

That game is, of course, GTA 5 – possibly one of the most talked about non-existent games in recent memory. OK, so the game is probably nearly finished, but we’ve had so little detail about it that it might as well not exist.

Luckily, we are never short of rumours to fill the void left by coy tech companies. After a bit of a lull following the release of the initial trailer, the GTA 5 rumour mill is gathering pace once again.

There have been some rather exciting titbits of juicy gossip recently, but the latest info is slightly more disappointing.

No GTA 5 at Gamescom?

With a short clip of what looked like GTA 5 making an appearance in Gamescom 2012’s trailer, excitement started to grow.

New levels of hysteria were then reached when a LinkedIn profile from someone claiming to work for Gamescom confirmed that GTA 5 would be unveiled at the German event.

While most of us took the ‘confirmation’ with a large pinch of salt, Gamescom has disappointed fans everywhere by saying there are no plans to showcase GTA 5 in any way.

Throwing us off the GTA 5 scent?

Of course, Gamescom might be telling porkies as well – you can’t trust anyone in this game. It seems odd that a clip from the game would be included in the trailer, and publisher Take-Two is listed as an exhibitor at the event.

Some reports have suggested that a number of developers under the Take-Two umbrella have been called in to help on GTA 5, which could signal some last-minute issues. So if we don’t see it at Gamescom, you can probably cross it off the Christmas list.

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