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GTA 5 trailer recreated in Battlefield 3 universe

We are always looking ahead in the world of gaming, whether it’s hoping the next COD won’t be as samey as all the others, or wondering whether Konami will ever regain the footy game crown from EA.

But when it comes to titles of the future, there are three little letters on everyone’s mind – G, T, A. It’s been an exercise in patience for all GTA fans over the last eight months, with very little info to go on.

GTA 5, what do we know so far?

All we’ve really seen is that teasing trailer at the end of last year, and we’ve had to have the patience of a saint ever since.

Yes, there have been a couple of screen shots to stop us from going completely mad. But it’s not really enough to compensate for almost a year of waiting.

Gamers are starting to get impatient, and if we don’t get a few more titbits before the end of the year (it now looks like the game itself won’t be here until next year) Rockstar is in danger of losing loyal fans.

But it seems that some gamers out there aren’t prepared to simply sit around and twiddle their thumbs until Take-Two decides to give us some more information.

One fan, who goes by the name of KETEGANO15 on YouTube, has put together a GTA 5 trailer all of his own, to give gamers something new to watch.

This GTA 5 trailer parody has been created in the Battlefield 3 universe in what is a very clever and surprisingly accurate recreation of last year’s vague trailer. Check it out below!

The voice-over is the same, but we have jet skis replaced with battle boats and a round of golf replaced with a spot of shooting.

It may not quite be what gamers are after at the moment, but until Take-Two gets its act together this will have to do. For a comparison, check out the original trailer below.

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