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GTA 5 to be unveiled at Gamescom 2012 in August?

For a game that doesn’t seem even close to hitting our stores, GTA 5 is certainly getting plenty of attention at the moment.

In a gaming world jam-packed with new titles and releases, it can be hard for some games to stand up and get noticed. But this isn’t the case with GTA.

An iconic and revolutionary series, GTA has long been a fan favourite. So when a trailer for the next instalment was released at the end of last year, we all started getting very excited.

Of course, we are yet to see GTA 5 materialise. But instead of waiting patiently for Rockstar to perfect the title, the gaming world has taken to the web to speculate, gossip and generally argue about anything and everything to do with GTA 5.

More GTA 5 details?

Details about the new title have been frustratingly thin on the ground, with no word from Rockstar since that trailer. Many gamers had expected to get their GTA hit at E3 last month, but the title was nowhere to be seen.

But gamers and GTA fans everywhere, fear not! A trailer for Gamescom 2012, the annual gaming trade show held in Germany each year, has given us some hope.

Amongst all the usual hype-building is a short but very sweet clip from what we can only assume is GTA 5. Let hysteria ensue!

GTA 5 unveiled at Gamescom?

The clip, combined with the fact that GTA’s publisher, Take-Two, is an exhibitor at Gamescom, has fuelled expectation that we’ll finally get a good look at the title. Check out the Gamescom 2012 Trailer below!

If GTA 5 is unveiled at Gamescom, which takes place in mid-August, there’s every chance we’ll see the shooter before Christmas.

Of course this is by no means guaranteed, and many people are still expecting the game to land in March next year. Either way, we can’t help but get excited about the Gamescom clip.

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