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GTA 5 release now unlikely for this year but instead looking like 2013

Last week’s E3 was a typically exciting affair, with a good look at the Nintendo Wii U as well as some new technology and gaming peripherals from other manufacturers.

We certainly got our fill when it came to gaming hardware – although some will still be bemoaning the lack of Xbox 720 and PS4 – but when it came to actual titles, gamers were a little short changed.

Of course, there were plenty of games on show. But surprises were hard to come by, and we already knew a fair bit about many of the titles on display.

One of the biggest disappointments from the event in LA was GTA 5, or lack thereof. With the upcoming title supposedly out in time for Christmas, many had been expecting at least a gameplay trailer to whet our appetites.

But no such trailer appeared, leaving us all to wonder if we were being far too optimistic about a 2012 release. So when will we see the long-overdue GTA instalment?

GTA 5 release in October 2012

When that initial teasing trailer was unveiled at the end of last year, many simply assumed we’d see the title at some point in the autumn of this year.

It was a fairly reasonable assumption to make, but as we enter the summer months it’s looking increasingly optimistic. We hate to say it, but you might have to cross GTA 5 off the Christmas list for this year.

GTA 5 release in March 2013

A far more likely release date is some point in the first half of next year. Rockstar has a history of releasing titles at this time, with Max Payne 3, LA Noire, Red Dead Redemption and GTA 4 all released between April and May.

According to PSM3 Magazine, we’ll see the upcoming title on 9 March next. It’s a very precise date, and we’re not sure how the publication arrived at it, but the sooner the better!

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