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GTA 5, Red Dead 3, LA Noire 2… most exciting Rockstar sequels

The summer often brings some exciting revelations from the world of technology, with trade shows, developer conferences and products launches usually taking place.

But while the likes of E3 and Gamescom give gamers something to talk about and look forward to, most of the time we are sat twiddling our thumbs waiting for the autumn.

The summer can be fairly frustrating for gamers, but this autumn is set to be a blockbuster for the gaming industry. With a new console, in the form of the Wii U from Nintendo, as well as some long-awaited new titles, the summer can’t end soon enough for gamers.

But one developer that looks set to be rather absent from the market this autumn is Rockstar Games, the creator of some of the biggest titles of the last ten years.

But there are a number of exciting sequels in the pipeline, so what can we expect from this innovative developer?


The game we’re most excited is obviously GTA 5, the long-awaited next instalment in the hugely popular Grand Theft Auto series.

Details of a release date have been rather vague since we saw that teasing trailer at the end of last year, leading to the usual flurry of speculation.

Several reports have placed the release date in March 2013, which is looking fairly likely. However, a clip from the game in the trailer for Gamescom has sparked rumours of a pre-Christmas release.

Red Dead Rebellion

A critically acclaimed and incredibly popular title, Red Dead Redemption brought Rockstar’s unique touch to the Wild West with great effect.

Rockstar San Diego is rumoured to be working on the follow-up to the 2010 game, which will be called Red Dead Rebellion.

LA Noire 2

An ambitious project, LA Noire saw Rockstar employ all its innovative prowess to create a truly cutting-edge game.

A sequel is fairly inevitable, but the developer has said it could be a while before see LA Noire 2 hit the shelves. It’s understandable, some gamers out there are still trying to complete the epic original!

Update: So if the rumours are to be believed, it appears that Team Bondi no longer have any friends within Rockstar Publishing and have sold out to the company that made Happy Feet (that rubbish film about a dancing penguin). What does this mean for LA Noire 2? We’ll keep you updated when we know more!

Update: Max Payne 3 Local Justice Pack available

Max Payne 3′s first downloadable content pack is now available for download on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network. PC gamers will have to wait until July 17th to get hold of their download.

Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games said:

“The Local Justice Pack is just the beginning of a deeper multiplayer experience for Max Payne 3. We’re excited to deliver a new take on the game’s epic final battle locations, tailored specifically for the online arena.”

The update includes 3 new multi-play maps, an awesome M4 assault rifle and a whole host of new achievements.

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