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GTA 5, PS4, Xbox 720… E3 2012 rumour round-up

Forget about the four-day weekend, next week sees something much more exciting take place. Tuesday is the start of E3 2012, the three-day gaming extravaganza.

This year will be the 18th time the event has been held, and is set to be as big as ever. Taking place in sunny LA, the games expo is a huge draw for gamers from around the world.

Some juicy details of titles and hardware on show at E3 2012 have already been divulged, but developers and manufacturers like to hold some things back until the event itself.

Of course, this only fuels the tech world rumour mill, with all sorts of gossip and speculation flying around. So what are the last-minute E3 rumours, and how likely are they?

Grand Theft Auto 5

The next instalment in the iconic GTA series is due out later this year, but all we’ve seen so far is a frustratingly coy trailer.

The only thing we (sort of) know for sure is that we’re going back to San Andreas for GTA 5, so many reports have suggested we’ll get more details and even a demo next week.

With a pre-Christmas release expected for GTA 5, it’s high time Rockstar started getting us excited. So this rumour is most definitely a possibility.

PS4 and Xbox 720

Despite both Microsoft and Sony saying they don’t plan to release their next-gen consoles until at least next year, the rumours of an E3 2012 sneak-peek are still flying.

Of course, it’s not entirely impossible – maybe Microsoft or Sony is planning on using the element of surprise to get maximum exposure. But don’t hold your breath.

Nintendo Wii U

We already know that we’ll be getting a good look at Nintendo’s upcoming console next week, but some reports have suggested that’s not all we’ll be seeing.

Rumours abound that the Japanese gaming giant is preparing at least three brand new franchises for launch at E3. It could certainly do with a few new titles, so this may well come true.