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GTA 5 – Latest storyline and feature rumours

The one-year anniversary of the announcement of GTA 5 is now just around the corner, and yet there is still no knowing when this highly anticipated game will be launched.

We have, at least, been given a few morsels of information in recent weeks in the form of some great screenshots.

Showing us some transport shots and leisure pursuits, the images have only fuelled our desire to get our hands on this great looking game. But apart from that, we’ve had very little to go on.

But that’s never stopped the tech world rumour mill before, and speculation is rife on everything from storylines to police wanted levels. So what are the latest GTA 5 rumours doing the rounds?

GTA 5 transportation

One of the most mouth-watering aspects of the screenshots recently released were the cars, motorbikes and, most exciting of all, planes.

According to reports, the transport options in GTA 5 are going to be bigger and better than ever. More than 60 different cars are rumoured to be included in the game, along with at least five bikes, a whopping 36 boats and nine helicopters and planes!

GTA 5 storyline

We have a vague idea of how GTA 5 may start out thanks to the trailer that was released last year; showing a former crime boss who is hoping to settle down in Los Santos.

According to reports, the protagonist’s name is Albert De Silva, and the storyline will revolve primarily around money and the booming San Andreas drug trade.

There is also thought to be an extensive criminal economy, allowing players to buy and sell drugs, illegal cars and guns to make money.

GTA 5 map

We’re taking most GTA 5 rumours with a heavy pinch of salt at the moment, but one thing we’re fairly certain of is the game’s San Andreas location.

Any more than that is pure speculation at the moment, though reports have suggested that the map will be separated into three areas – as with other GTA titles.

The GTA 5 map is thought to be five times the size of GTA 4’s, with Los Santos taking up around half of the space. Bigger and more detailed versions of the other areas of San Andreas are also expected to feature.

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