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GTA 5 Facebook page launched, more details imminent

Grand Theft Auto fans, rejoice! It looks likes we are on the cusp of getting a whole lot more information about the highly anticipated GTA 5.

OK, so it’s not the most exciting news we’ve ever heard. But after almost a year of waiting and wondering, we’ll take any GTA 5 news we can get at the moment.

Details of the game are still very hazy, as is the release date. But it seems that Rockstar is slowly getting ready to give us some concrete information.

GTA 5 Facebook page

Rockstar Games has launched the GTA 5 Facebook page, promising fans instant news and info on ‘big announcements, trailers and more.’

It is an exciting development, given that we’ve had virtually nothing to go on for so long. So far, the Facebook page contains very little, save for that year-old trailer and little bio about the game.

But with GTA 5 adorning the cover US magazine Game Informer next month, we can expect a lot more info on the page in the coming weeks.

GTA 5 fan input

Not only do we have a Facebook page to sink our teeth into, but Rockstar is also keen to get gamers’ input on multiplayer mode for GTA 5.

“As we’re busy working on Grand Theft Auto V, we’d like to take this opportunity to ask all of you for your feedback, input and ideas for features you’d like to see created for Crews in the game,”

It seems that any suggestions are welcome, so if you didn’t like something about Crews in Max Payne 3 then be sure to make your voice heard about GTA 5 Crews.

With Rockstar only asking for fan input now, there’s a worry that GTA 5 is a still long way from completion. Then again, Crews might not be too hard to implement into the game – or it might just be a marketing ploy.

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