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GTA 3 comes to iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android for 10 year anniversary

Smartphone users everywhere, today is your lucky day! Rockstar games have finally released the gaming classic that is GTA III on Android and iPhones.

A full ten years after it was first released (doesn’t time fly?) Rockstar is celebrating the game’s anniversary with a smartphone launch.

Available on smartphones for around £3, fans of the GTA series will get a trip down memory lane in what is still a fantastic game.

GTA III – game changer

Let’s not forget how momentous this game was when it first came out. It was the first time Rockstar had cast off the shackles of the 2D birds-eye-view game play of the first GTA’s.

These are still classic games in their own right, but it is fair to say they haven’t aged well. But GTA III was a game-changer, and paved the way for countless free-roaming titles. Not to mention the rest of the excellent GTA series.

From the moment you start up the smartphone version of this timeless classic, the memories come flooding back.

The old Liberty City, the old cars, our silent protagonist, and of course the brilliant radio stations – all of them are here in all their glory.

Translating to smartphones

It is fair to say we were sceptical of playing a GTA game on a touchscreen. The game is meant to be played on PC or console, and many games have not translated well to smartphones and tablets.

But Rockstar has done a great job translating the game to the touch screen; and it is instantly one of the best games available for mobile devices.

The first thing we did when we arrived in Liberty City? Go straight to the car showroom and pick up a Banshee, obviously. After the usual dangerous driving and run-ins with police, it was time to get down to some serious missions.

In terms of missions, the controls are a little harder to master. But after a little while you can truly master them, and you’ll wonder how you ever played GTA on anything else.