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Great tech Christmas presents

Stumped about what to buy a loved one for Christmas? Here are some great ideas for the time of giving.

Whatever your budget, there’s a tech gift you can find.  Whether it’s a watch, a radio, iPad or even a TV, there are plenty of gifts to suit every budget.

Here we’ll run down some of this season’s budget crackers, as well as a few tech gifts that we’d all love to see under the tree.

Less than £50

Watches have become more complex than ever and, while solar powered watches are more expensive, you can get a radio controlled Casio Wave Ceptor watch for well under £50; these automatically adjust time depending on where you are within the UK and Europe (more expensive models can pick up the signals further afield). DAB radios used to be the preserve of more expensive presents – now you can pick one up for around the £30 mark, like the Pure One Mi Portable which can pick up FM signals too. Digital photo frames remain a popular present and you can pick 7-inch versions up for upwards of £20.  And, of course, there are also voucher cards available for Kindle Books, the iTunes Store (so people can buy apps or music) and high street tech retailers.

Less than £100

One of the most popular presents this year is set to be the Amazon Kindle. Now re-released in a new model, it cots £89. It’s also available in a more expensive Keyboard model (£149) that also includes 3G, so you can download books wherever you are.  There are also some fine cameras you can pick up well under the £100 mark – the Canon A2200 PowerShot is available for £59 with an incredible 14 megapixels. While superseded to a certain extent by phones, pocket camcorders can be picked up for terrific prices – the Toshiba Camileo S20 is a great choice at less than £90.

Less than £250

Digital cameras will be popular in this price range, too. Power compacts such as the Samsung MV800 multi-view camera with its flip out display are available for around £200, while Compact System Cameras (CSCs, with interchangeable lenses) start at £220-£250. In that price range, you can pick up a camera such as the Samsung NX100 or Olympus Pen E-PL-1. The iPod touch is also a great buy at a tempting £150. There are also plenty of game console bundles around this price bracket for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

More than £250

Of course, one of this year’s most popular presents will be Apple’s iPad 2 – available for upwards of £399, there are plenty of lucky people finding one under the tree this Christmas. Other popular family presents will be HD and 3D TVs – not exactly stocking fillers, but surely something families will be buying themselves before the festive viewing period. You can
get some absolute bargains upwards of £300. And then there’s laptops – you can get some truly great PCs for £399 or more perfect for family computing.