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Great Pocket Camcorder – Flip Ultra HD

Flip Ultra HD 3rd Generation

Rating: ★★★★☆

I bought this device because a really good deal was being offered by an online retailer which mean I got about 30% off. The purpose was really to save on packing space when going on holiday. My Sony Handycam and all the trappings takes up too much vital space.

I have used and enjoyed using this from the moment I took it out of the box. It does not replace a stills camera although you can capture images from the video. The quality of the images is excellent and the image stabilisation minimises the hand shakes.

My daughter is 4 and I have taken some great footage of her which I would otherwise have missed. The Flip is virtually a permanent handbag item now.

I have had no problems either using it (it is super simple) and downloading to PC is made super easy by the on-board USB which just ‘flips’ out.

The software is a little basic and there are not many editing features but the video can be imported into other software if you need anything more elaborate.

The only issue I have encountered and which should not have come as any surprise to me is that the memory is not expandable and the lack of a card slot means I am going to have to find a computer which will allow me to download the videos onto flash drive while I am on holiday. However a flash drive and the Flip take up about a fifth of the space of my old camera gear.

Love love love it! Point and press high quality HD video on the go. A brilliant bit of kit.


  • Compact/portable
  • Very easy to use & download to computer
  • Excellent quality image
  • No problems with sound quality


  • No onboard expandable memory
  • Computer needed to download


This was a great purchase I keep it with me most of the time to catch golden moments with my 4 year old daughter. I will definitely take this on holiday in place of my Sony Handcam, tapes, charger, etc.

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