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Great Gadget But Could be Better

Apple iPad

Rating: ★★★☆☆

The Ipad is a great piece of kit! When you first take it out of its packaging it looks beautiful: quick start up, beautiful screen great for browsing although no flash so this can be difficult at times but not a massive deal!

There are so many free apps to choose from although was disappointed they havent done a Facebook app especially for the ipad, you can use the iphone one and expand but its not quite the same, Hopefully Facebook will listen up!

Its great to use in bed or when you have limited space, easy to carry around. I would recommend buying a case for it as its essential for protecting the screen.

The price is quite high for what it is and I do think it should be at least £100 cheaper, but that is the premium you pay for Apple products.


  • Lovely screen
  • Great browsing


  • Price
  • Paying extra for 3G
  • Can't browse flash sites


If it had flash, was a bit cheaper and came with 3G I think Apple would sell a hell of a lot more, however it is still a lovely gadget to have in the house or to travel with and the iPad will always sell no matter what happens.

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