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Google’s Project Glass – Augmented Reality Glasses Take Technology to a New Level

It might sound like something from a sci-fi film but Google has revealed more information about it’s futuristic sounding glasses that will allow wearers to take photos, view websites, make a video call or get directions.

Project Glass

Dubbed Project Glass and the result of a 2 year project in a top secret Google location known only as lab X, the spectacle type device features a slimline screen similar in size to a postage stamp with icons that float just above the wearer’s line of sight.

The prototype shows the wearer of these futuristic glasses interacting with them via voice control and by sight control and they are rumoured to be powered by custom Android style software.

The demonstration shows someone wearing the Google specs being informed by the glasses that the underground line is suspended just before they walk into the station. The glasses then go on to give step by step walking directions to reach the wearers desired destination.

The glasses also interact with what the wearer sees and then “augment” reality to provide the wearer with additional options. Another example shows us someone wearing the magic specs walk into a bookshop and be presented with book reviews and prices from rival retailers and one person who had been involved with testing Project Glass said that they “allow technology to get out of the way”.

A post on Google+ confirms that Google is hoping that the post and videos will start conversations about Project Glass so that they can learn from people’s feedback and opinions on what features they would like to have on something like this.

The information about Project Glass has sparked comments that perhaps augmented reality contact lenses may also be a thing of the not too distant future…

Check out the Google YouTube video embedded below for a glimpse of how the future could look with Google’s Project Glass specs.