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Google’s Kindle Fire rival – what we know so far?

Rumours of a Google-branded tablet have been doing the rounds for a couple of months, but it looks like the wheels could now finally be set in motion.

We first told you about Google’s plans for a Nexus tablet at the start of this year, but news on the project has been fairly slow since then.

All we knew for a long time was that Google wanted in on Amazon’s tablet party in the US, and was planning a low-end device to rival the Kindle Fire.

The Kindle Fire uses a variation of the Android operating system, with tight integration with Amazon’s services. It has bucked the overall trend for Android tablets by actually selling well and proving a success.

And this has clearly not escaped the notice of Google, who want to release a low-end tablet priced at around $199 – identical to the Kindle Fire.

So how far has Google come with its plans for a low-end tablet contender? And what do we know about the exciting device so far?

Partnership with Asus

The latest rumour, reported on Android fan site androidandme, suggests that Google have teamed up with tech innovators Asus for the 7-inch tablet.

According to the reports, the apparent decision by Google comes after Asus announced its low-end MeMo tablet, priced at around $250.

Google was impressed with the device, and approached Asus with a challenge to make a device below the $200 benchmark.

Google Nexus tablet specs

Despite aiming for a low cost to take some of the Fire’s sales, the tablet is rumoured to feature a quad-core Tegra 3 processor.

The Asus MeMo also features a Tegra 3 chip, so it’s likely that Asus and Google will reduce the internal storage to get it down to their desired price.

Release date?

Rumours abound that the tablet will be going into production in April, with a launch around June. Now that a partner is on board, we can expect the device in the summer. Watch out Amazon!

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