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Google TV – what you need to know

This year has seen some great devices make their way into the market. From tablets to smartphones, we’ve been rather spoilt so far.

One area that often gets overlooked, but has seen some great new products released, is the world of TV. The way we watch TV is slowly changing, and manufacturers have been trying to figure out how best to move with the times for a while now.

We are watching less and less TV as it is broadcast these days, choosing instead to record it and watch it when it suits us, or wait and watch it later on one of the catch-up services.

These trends might have spelled disaster for the traditional TV set, but manufacturers have been quick to respond. They’ve done this with the Smart TV, an internet-enabled, features-packed device that is essentially an overgrown tablet in your living room.

Smart TVs are growing in popularity, and will eventually become a feature of most living rooms. But they are still rather pricey, prompting many people to opt for a set-top box that delivers many of the same features.

The latest such device comes courtesy of Google and Sony, which have collaborated to bring the Google TV service a non-US market for the first time. So what do you need to know about Google TV?

Google TV release date and price

The innovative set-top box will be launched in the UK on 16 July, with releases in a number of other markets, including Canada, Australia and Europe set to follow.

The device is expected to cost around £200, more than double that of the set-top box currently available from Apple, which is £99.

Google TV features

The Google TV service is set to be crammed with features, making it far more than just a device for watching TV.

HD content will be available via YouTube, and there’ll be all the usual web access. The device will also come with a dual-sided remote with full QWERTY keyboard, as well as voice command and motion sensor technology for gaming.

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