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Google TV, Android Jelly Bean, Nexus tablet. Google I/O 2012 countdown

Google’s annual I/O conference is due to get underway tomorrow, with this year’s event set to be one of the biggest and best we’ve ever seen.

The San Francisco developer-focused event sold out in less than half an hour this year, despite Google making it longer and more expensive.

But these kinds of events seem to be getting more and more important with every passing year, as manufacturers and tech companies compete to generate the biggest buzz and the biggest sales.

Google is flexing its manufacturing muscles at the moment, and this year’s I/O could be the start of a new dawn for the online search giant. So what can we expect from Google I/O 2012?

Google TV

Google and Sony have just announced a partnership that will see the Japanese manufacturer produce Google TV set-top boxes for the UK market, amongst others.

Whether this is a good move remains to be seen, as the TV market is already a crowded one. But in the US Google TV has really struggled, so we could see updates or new features announced this year.

Google Android Jelly Bean

We’ve been hearing the name Jelly Bean for some time now, and Google “accidentally” confirmed it when the name was featured on the Google Play Store.

With I/O just around the corner, we’re not sure how accidental this slip-up actually was. Either way, we’re sure to get more of a look at Android 4.1 at I/O this year, and possibly a more in-depth look at Majel.

Google Nexus tablet

One of the most exciting potential launches at I/O 2012 is Google’s  latest Nexus tablet. Rumoured to be called Nexus 7, the tablet will go into competition with the likes of the Kindle Fire at the budget end of the market.

The 7-inch tablet is expected to have an NVIDIA Tegra 3 quad-core processor, and Google is planning on selling it directly from the Play Store – an interesting move that might work, but might not.

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