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Google to launch rival to Apple’s Siri?

Siri, Apple’s most entertaining piece of software in a long time, has been delighting people ever since the witty AI first appeared in the iPhone 4S.

But after all Siri’s funny responses to silly questions had been fully exhausted, people begun to wonder what this software was truly capable of.

And it seems tech giant Google was wondering that too, with rumours circulating that its very own voice recognition is being readied to go head-to-head with Siri.

Google and Apple have long been sparring partners in the battle for cutting edge technology, and Google is now upping the ante with its own voice-recognition software.

When it comes to smartphones, the tech giant is keen to match Apple like-for-like and reduce the gap in sales between the two companies.

Introducing Majel

And according to tech website androidandme it is putting the finishing touches to Majel – a Siri-a-like piece of software.

Majel, named after actress Majel Barrett-Roddenberry – the voice of the Federation Computer in Star Trek, could be released before the end of this year.

But with 2012 fast approaching, and Christmas in the way, a far more likely release dates is January of February. But is Majel going to be serious competition to Siri?

Voice recognition software of course already exists on many of Google’s Android phones, in the form of Voice Actions. But, as any Android user will tell you, it is a very matter-of-fact piece of software.

For Voice Actions to work, users must issue a specific command such as ‘navigate to…’ or ‘send text message to…’. Hardly cutting edge stuff.

But Majel will change that, allowing users to carry out specific actions in a more natural way – much more like Siri.

But before all you Android users start getting excited, there are no plans to give Majel any kind of personality. According to androidandme, the software will more like a personal assistant than a friend in your pocket.